Just various comics poking fun at random things in Magic: the Gathering. Be it an EDH situation I found quirky or something that's just making me cry in standard.

Not a Toy
Screw the Cannon!
Jace is a Loser part I
Jace is a Loser part II
Jace is a Loser part III
Jace is a Loser part IV
Jace is a Loser part V
Jace is a Loser part VI
Jace is a Loser part VII
Jace is a Loser part VIII
Jace is a Loser part IX
Walletsculptor and Buttslayer
Birds with Swords
And then All the Spells were Countered
That's No Jace
Test Subjects, Sunny Side Up
4/4 Girlfriend
Ponderously We Ponder
Too Much Mantis
Consider How the Delver Feels
I'm Still Relevant, Right?
You Were Never Worth Your Weight in Gold
Jace and Angels
From the Desk of Rakdos
Judge Jury and Executioner, But Mostly Executioner
Never Swindle Rakdos
Rakdos "Clean Up" Crew
Beauracracy Ho!
Havengul Problems?
Dangerous Invitation
Azorius Affairs
But I brought a Healing Salve
Dual Wielding
He's Got a Gun for a Hand
You are Permitted to be Embarassed
Vindictive Azorius
Going Hoodless
Get Affiliated, All the Cool Kids are Doing it
Privacy? What's That?
No Wardrobe Refunds
Maze of... Mizzet
What if I Say Please?
Ridin' Isperia
Attempted Assassination
Blue is Unbalanced, You Say?
No Spells for You!
One at a Time, Now
I Can't Believe it's Not People!
Modern Banned Club
Arcbound Jerkwad
He's Snapped
Awkward Reckoning
Sealed Decks
Joining Gruul
The Meaning of "Comlimentary"
In the Interest of Interest
Bait & Switch
Reneging is Prohibited
For All Eternity
Public Relations Work
Tangible Spiritual Enhancement
That One Thing About Aristocrats..
Cool Kids
It's Like They're Doing Nothing at All
Running Implicit Mazes
There Can Be Only One!
Two Wrongs Still Don't Make a Right
Let the Speculation Begin
And This Year the Core Set Brings Us..
Ahh, The Flavour Makes so Much More Sense Now, Thanks Wizards!
He's Literally the Caller of Beasts
The Wild Magus
Let's Bring Out the B-Listers!
The Gods of Germany
Second Best
The Coolest Moon on the Battlefield
He's Master of More than Just Waves
Municipal Mana Pool
A Very Magic Costume Party
Introducing... Duel Decks: Snake Hair vs. Stupid Hair
To Kill a God...
There's a Big Time Demon in the Hood!
Crashing through Master's Turf
My Gender is ..Shut Up!
Don't Ask, it's Fashion
Cheap Chinese Knockoffs: the Set
The Future of Magic
The Fourth Card Club